Saturday, May 14

I made stuff!: "friendship" bracelets.

Occasionally I make stuff. Okay, hardly ever. Well, I mean I bake cookies a lot. And cupcakes. But then I eat them, as that is what you are meant to do with delicious cookies and cupcakes, so there isn't really a lasting end result, unless you count my lasting feeling of satisfaction and joy. I had a point. Oh, right: sometimes I actually make things. Like, crafty things.

Earlier this week, I had a hankering for a smoothie. So I had one. I also had a hankering to do something crafty. I was all inspired by the DIY hex-nut bracelets on Honestly...WTF's bloggy, so I decided to get myself some materials and bust out some bracelets. Note the materials below. Right now, they are all boring and not doing much but laying there and being a pile of string. BORING. But soon they will be bracelets. Magical.

I remember when I was a little girl and friendship bracelets were popular. I had an entire box full of embroidery thread wrapped around cards. I vaguely remember calling it "floss" for some reason. Was this just a strange mid-west phenomenon? It wouldn't surprise me; people from Kansas are weird.

While I had an entire box full of thread, I didn't actually make a lot of friendship bracelets. I had friends--don't get me wrong. No. Honestly, I did. But making bracelets was time consuming, and I much preferred organizing all of the colours in my thread box.

Yes. That's right. I collected embroidery thread just to organize it in my box in an aesthetically pleasing manner. And I would collect more colours to fill in gaps in my thread rainbow. 

I feel at this point it's important to reiterate: I DID have friends. Really.

Anyway, yesterday it was very nice, so I decided to make bracelets on the back deck. Fun! I laid out all of my materials. I found some super rad fluorescent twine at the hardware store, and got a neutral colour to balance it out.

I had made a bunch of bracelets the night before, but I was distracted by a super intense episode of Law and Order: SVU and stupidly tied the bracelets to my wrists in a way that only scissors could get them off again.

Yeah. Oops. Also, it's uncomfortable to sleep in bracelets covered in hex nuts, lemme tell you. So, after cutting them all off, I set about making new, removable ones.

It was fun! It also took a surprising amount of skill and dexterity to incorporate the hex nuts in to a braid. And I was so deep in concentration that I did not notice the attacker until it was too late . . .

OH NOES. Wesley Snipes claimed the green thread as his own. But then we compromised and he let it go. Specifically, I distracted him with a discarded piece of green thread and he went after that one. Me: one. Cat: zero.

After doing my first bracelet, I started getting all fancy and doing things like "cobra stitches". Whoa--super fancy. Watch out, guys.  And after a few hours: voila!

Aren't they magical? I think so. And what blog wouldn't be complete without some artsy pictures of string? Amirite?

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  1. I was just admiring that DIY yesterday! Also, after working at a summer camp for a week last year I went on this crazy friendship bracelet making kick. You should tell me what colors you like and then I'll make you one when I (hopefully) see you in NY!

    PS - When I was younger I also called it floss so it's not just a Midwest thing.