Tuesday, July 20

Poutine. It's so hot right now. Hansel. I mean, poutine.

I'm in Oakville for a few days. It's where I went to school, unfortunately, and even more unfortunately, it's where my mum and brother still live.

But as Jillian and Pete point out, there is a delicious sammich place on Lakeshore. And there's also a Marble Slab. So that makes it okay. Almost bearable.

I also sometimes enjoy spending time with my mum.


And always if she brings ice cream or sammiches into the equation. Or both.

Anyway, my brother picked me up and announced we were going to make poutine.


From scratch.


And we actually did! Sort of.

We went to Whole Foods. Yes, for some reason he was insistent on having the fanciest kind of poutine ever. We actually found cheese curds and organic beef stock. We decided to NOT buy butter from Whole Foods, as it is way too expensive for our greasy poutine needs. And then we learned that Whole Foods only carries frozen sweet potato fries.

That and alphabet shaped fries. Go figure.

I've decided that Whole Foods is a huge waste of my time. And for overly fancy people or people who want to appear overly fancy. I just can't support a store that doesn't carry frozen french fries.

And, also, Whole Foods has this habit of leaving bowls of organic popcorn and fancy chips at the ends of the aisles. No supervision or signage or anything. I think I might just accidentally have a chip and find myself having some sort of awful allergic reaction and I'll just have to sue. Sigh. Such a burden.

But, really, think of all those dirty hands reaching into those bowls. Mine are definitely dirty. You don't want to know where they've been today.

Those four things cost almost $30. Who knew cheese curds were so expensive. And the organic chocolate was just for me. And just about the same price as the gravy stock.

Basically, if I shopped at Whole Foods all the time, I'd be broke. I think the rule is: I should only shop at Whole Foods once I have an Audi and a very long driveway leading up to a very large house with a very large garage in which to park said Audi. And my Vespa. And my Segway. Yeah.

Brother actually made all of it. I just stood around making "thumbs up" signs and talking with friends on MSN. I'm a good helper.

It was actually the most delicious poutine ever. Very tasty. Two thumbs up! And I also really want my camera back. The end.


  1. I'm dumb, I don't even know what poutine is.

  2. french fries + gravy + cheese curds. I think they have something similar in Jersey called disco fries? Either way, it's super delicious!