Tuesday, June 21


While I was at the greatest wedding of all the times, I witnessed something miraculous. Something so mind boggling that my poor little brain could barely comprehend it.

What was this amazing thing you ask?

It was a balloon inside a balloon. As in, there was a white balloon, and inside of it, shaking around, was a blown-up red balloon. HOLY CRAP, am I right?!

Christian and I had to harass some small children in order to find the creator of the balloon-inside-a-balloon. It was James' cousin and luckily for her this amazing talent she possesses canceled out the fact that she was the one who brought the dude who wore flip flops to a wedding. Yeah, that guy.

And then, we decided that we needed to one-up this girl. So we set out to make a balloon inside a balloon . . . INSIDE A BALLOON. Bam, that's right. Three balloons.

This turned out to be not so easy a task. Blowing up a balloon when it is stuck inside two other balloons is incredibly difficult. I have to give Christian most of the credit for the blowing up of said balloons, but I supervised. And then, finally, all we had left to do was to tie off the last balloon and . . .


I called the little one a balloon fetus. And then I ran around, forcing people to gaze upon our balloon creation. I don't think they cared.

But the story doesn't stop there, oh no. As an aside, one of the many awesome things I do with my most awesome job ever is stabbing a balloon with a point stick without the balloon popping. Seriously.

Balloon-kabob! And when I posted the above video on my Facebook, I was told that what would be really amazing would be if I stabbed a balloon inside a balloon inside a balloon--a "balloonception" if you will. Also, while stabbing this balloon inside a balloon inside a balloon, I had to play Edith Piaf's "Je Ne Regrette Rien".

Challenge accepted.

Now, I realize this is just a balloon-inside-a-balloon-kabob, but I ran out of balloons and it was getting late and and the first two times I did it, my camera didn't record it properly and, honestly, I'd like to see you stab a balloon inside a balloon. So there.

Once I posted that video, obviously I was met with praise and and awe. And then Christian mused that this new found obsession with balloons could, very well, awaken something in me. (If it can happen with the Dean, it could happen to me too.) He posted a video to go along with that thought and that is how the following video became my new favourite thing in ever:

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