Monday, July 4

Stupid little short-circuit.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered the greatest thing (read: piece of clothing, because the official title of Greatest Thing I Will Ever Own belongs to my Wesley Snipes, Esq. My cat. Obviously.) I will ever own. And if you are wondering, the greatest thing I will ever own comes from Australia. I waited patiently for it to arrive in the mail and it did while I was away on holidays.

So when I got home, the first thing I did was retrieve my parcel and rip it open in a fit of joy. Why the fit of joy? This is why:

If you are all, well that's just you in a bathing suit, who cares, then please--let me further draw your attention to the bathing suit in question with these bright pink arrows:

That, my friends, is the "Artoo" bathing suit by Black Milk Clothing. As in R2D2. As in Star Wars. As in if you still don't get it, then shut the front door. But leave first. Because I don't want you here.

There are other pictures circulating of a few different chicks wearing it, two in particular that are somewhat popular. And I'll admit that these two girls have great boobs, which is made ever so obvious in a bathing suit. But what I lack in boob I make up for with spunk, as demonstrated below in my attempt of "The Robot" dance:

It should be no secret by now that I am a Star Wars fan. I have coveted this bathing suit for quite some time and finally decided that I could live no longer without it in my life. It's probably one of the more expensive pieces of movie related paraphernalia that I own, but worth every freakin' penny.

I plan on wearing it around the house. Mostly because it's awesome. Mostly-mostly because I don't have a pool to swim in. If you happen to have a pool and wouldn't mind me hanging out in your pool for obnoxiously long periods of time, while making obligatory robot noises (duh), please do get in touch. Specifically if your name is Rupert Grint. (Actually, only if.)


  1. I just recently discovered this bathing suit and being a big star wars fan as well, very much enoy seeing it doned on some lovely figures. You kill that suit and look great in it! Have a good one...

  2. Also discovered this a tad too late, wanted to buy this for my girlfriend. Looks great on you anyway! May the force be with ya. :P