Friday, October 7

Zoo Trek

A couple of weeks ago, Bea, James and I decided to go on a Zoo Adventure. Naturally, we decided to go to the zoo the weekend after there was a Groupon deal online. This meant that it was obnoxiously full of people. And strollers. So many strollers.

It's times like these I think about investing in some sort of scooter. A pink one. Obviously. And it would have a cup holder, where I would keep my beverage. Because I imagine it would be hard to operate a scooter if I had a beverage in one hand. Safety first, guys. Well, laziness first, safety second.

Anyway, Bea and I were super excited about the zoo. James did a great job at pretending. And by great, I mean he kept the sarcasm to a minimum. And by minimum, I mean his normal amount.

Bea and I increased our Zoo Fun Times (commonly known as ZFT) by purchasing tiger hats. I think they're meant for children, but the fact that they fit our fat heads causes me to be slightly concerned about the head-size of our youth today.

Anyway, we were super cute in our hats and got piles of compliments. So there.

Also, there were rhinos and monkeys and polar bears and jaguars and lions. I got to see my favourite animals, otters, so my ZFT count was through the roof. And Bea bought an over priced hot dog and I wanted a Beaver Tail but the line was too long, so I was all, pssh, screw that.

But enough with "jumbo" hot dogs and Beaver Tails. That's not all that great.

You know what's great?

Funnel cake.

You know what else is great? This: while at the zoo, James and I acquired new jobs. Yes. Seriously. We're going to be giving tours in the near future, informing people on little known facts about their favourite zoo animals. Amazing, am I right? It's kind of still in the works, but here's a sample video of what we'll be doing:

You probably didn't know that about the turtle, did you? Well, now you know. Knowledge is power. Star swipe!

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