Thursday, October 20

Presenting: BD Dubs!

I totally forgot to formally announce to the world that I adopted a new kitten. I'm fairly certain all of my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram friends have figured it out, due to the excessive amount of pictures posted of aforementioned kitten.

But he deserves his very own blog-type introduction, so here it goes. Ahem.

I formally present to you, peoples of the the Internet, Billy Dee Williams!

Studly, isn't he? Sort of reminds you of the actual Billy Dee Williams, am I right? And if you have no idea who Billy Dee Williams is . . . well, I won't say because it would be too crass for a blog featuring a kitten. Let's try to keep it lighthearted today. For your health.

Here, you know what, I'll make it easier for you. Blam:

Ah, Lando. You handsome devil, you. (And if you still don't know who that is, you might as well end your life now. I'll drink a Colt 45 in your honour, don't worry.)

Anyway, in an effort to continue the tradition of naming my cats after bad ass black actors, I settled on Billy Dee Williams. My BD Dubs hails from Cloud City. I mean, a pet store down the block from where I live.

He is quite delightful and kitten-like. When I adopted him about a month ago, he was only eight weeks old and very tiny. Now he is about twelve weeks old and getting so big. Aw, my little man is growing up.

He loves running around the apartment and playing The String Game and chasing the balled up receipts from the toys I bought him instead of the actual toys. Figures.

I've discovered that he also loves Eric Bana, licking kiwis, eating my headphones, and having his picture taken. Although the latter might be more of a fear of the clicking sound, I like to pretend he sits still and poses for the camera out of sheer vanity.

And, check out those paws. Cute as heck, right? Right.

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