Thursday, February 16

The Jacket

I was going to start this blogger-oo off with some sort of witty opening before leading up to the big reveal but, you know what?

Yeah, that's effin' what. Why bother with words when you can just oggle that picture. Well, unless you don't really know what's going on, in which case some words would be helpful.

Helpful words: scorpion, jacket, Drive, Ryan Gosling, hot, awesome, holy crap, bad-ass, cool, coolcoolcool, hammer.

And not the hammer time you might be thinking of. I just don't look good in parachute pants, sorry.

Where was I? Oh, yes: Drive.

As in, one of the best movies of 2011. As in, I walked out of the theatre after having seen in the first time thinking that I really, really wanted a scorpion jacket. As in, I walked out of the theatre having seen it for the second time thinking that I NEEDED a scorpion jacket. Like whoa.

If you haven't seen Drive yet then you suck.

And when you're all done sucking, go watch Drive.

Except, I wonder... do people suck because they haven't seen Drive or do they suck and that's why they haven't seen Drive?

That made more sense in my head.

Not really.

Anyway, Drive. Yes. It's a brilliant movie. Full of bad-ass-ery and clenched fists. Don't be fooled by the title, though: this isn't a racing movie. Paul Walker isn't going to be drifting around Tokyo or whatever it is he does in his be-stickered vehicles.

But Drive is a movie about the Driver (Ryan Gosling), and how effin' awesome the Driver is. And also hammers. And toothpicks.


I ordered it from an online store called Steady Clothing. It took a while for it to come, because the company was working hard to make sure the jacket was super perfect. For a while, I was afraid I would never get my jacket, and life was bleak.

So very bleak.

But then it came! Obviously.

And everything was good.

The end.

(You didn't actually think I could have an entire blog post of serious pictures of me, did you?)


  1. Commenting on an old post, but I'm curious to know what size you got it in as I'm debating as to whether I should drop $160 (+ an equally silly amount for shipping on this and whether it should be an XS or a S.

    1. Hi! I ordered it in the XS. I'm tall (just about 5'9") and most tops I wear are mediums or smalls, depending on the style. The jacket is fitted, but not tooooo much (I could wear a thin sweater underneath it if I wanted to). Hope that helps! Also: totally worth the cost. So good.

  2. i m big fan ryan gosling