Wednesday, March 28

The Gross Crew goes bowling.

What's this? I'm writing another bloggery post, and it's only been a day since my last one?

Yeah. That's right. I'm staying on top of things. Bam.

Staying on top of things . . .  by writing about stuff that happened four weeks ago. Yeah, uh, so on top of things.

But, yes, I've managed to put down the Pad Thai long enough to bring you another delightful tale. This is the tale of the time I went bowling with Bea, James and Aaron. Alternately, it can be known as the tale of the time I sucked really hard at bowling.

I'm normally not very good at bowling. I'm  a very sporadic bowler: I'll bowl a gutter ball, followed by two strikes, followed by more gutter balls. Basically, I lack focus. And skill. I get distracted easily. I have zero form.

I'm kind of like a ferret when it comes to bowling. Or maybe just a bad bowler.

But none of that matters because bowling is awesome and fun. This time it was even more fun, because we were bowling for Bea's birthday. Yay, birthday!

Bea bowled as "BEA", James bowled as "BAD", Aaron bowled as "LIA", and I went for "MIN". Bea and James' are obvious--you know, because Bea is Bea and James is bad (I'm only joking, Dream Racer). I can't remember what Aaron's was a reference too. And mine was a reference to a terrible not-going-to-be-a-real-nickname: Mingy.

Don't even ask; it's gross.

The bowling gods probably thought so too, because I bowled the worst game of my entire life. I think halfway through, I'd only knocked over six pins. It was a record low for me. You go, Glen Coco! I even tried bowling like James does (like a granny; I mean, like a boss), and it didn't help.

 Despite my embarrassing display, everyone managed to have a grand time. James attempted to fly, I even bought Bea and I some new tattoos. They were a dollar; I splurged. Hers was a heart being stabbed with a mallet with roses and bats in the background. Mine said "vamp tramp". Actually. Then the lights went out and we had a dance party for the last few frames. And if you were wondering if maybe my bowling would improve with low lighting and pulsing dance beats, the answer is "no".

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