Friday, March 30

The White Wall Sessions

Everybody has been talking about the Bicyclette party. Naturally. I mean, there were macarons after all. Also pretty dresses designed by bestest ladies around. But mostly macarons. I mean dresses.

Bicyclette has since posted about the awesome shindig, including some pictures of the aforementioned macarons. I mean dresses. And OTM Zine and Plaid have also been spreading the Bicyclette/Siana love. Magic, I says. Magic!

I also says "shazam" a lot. But you probably already noticed.

Anyway, instead of blogging about what everyone has already been blogging about--the most awesome party since the time I remembered I had a tub of Marble Slab ice cream in my freezer that I had completely forgotten about and it was still good--I have decided to bestow upon all of you what happens when you take me, my friends, a lot of sugary macaroons, a white wall, a camera with a flash, three toothpicks, some dental floss, a baby racoon, a toaster over, and a spoon:

I realize I need to work on some more faces. I have a Squished Face and a Rawr Face. Sometimes I include some Rawr Arms. And sometimes I do a Squished Face with Rawr Arms to really switch it up. But it's not really switching it up at all. And what I'm getting at is I really just need to change the subject and move on.

See, I managed to pull off a kind of serious face here. Beth is totally impressed.

You know what else was impressive? My shoes. I like how leopard-y they are. In case you had trouble locating them in the above picture, I added some arrows. Also impressive was my awesome dress (from Bicyclette, of course). I like how cleavage-y it is. If you were at the party and I bent over and accidentally (no, really, by accident) flashed you, I'm sorry? I mean, you're welcome?

Anyway, I was chatting with a friend, when I turned around and realized that Christian had created an entire model portfolio without me realizing. He's got skills, what can I say. Feast your eyeballs on these babies:

I got instantly jealous and demanded my own model portfolio. This is what happened:

Eyup. Clearly I lack the sutble suaveness that Christian is able to somehow still emote whilst sitting on a pink chair. I think I just need practice. Or to be heavily sedated.

And then I shouted, "Wait, guys, I've got a good one":

Heavily, heavily sedated.

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