Friday, April 13

The Adventures of the Rainbow Racers

Most Favourite Cousin came to visit me at the end of March. It was very exciting, as she is my most favourite cousin. You might've already guessed that, given that I call her Most Favourite Cousin.
It would be rather misleading if I called my least favourite cousin "Most Favourite Cousin", wouldn't it?

"My Most Favourite Cousin is coming to visit next week."
"Oh, you must like her a lot."
"Actually, no. She's the worst."
"Wait, so when you call me your Most Favourite Friend..."

These are actual thoughts that go on in my head, people. Be afraid.

Anyway, Most Favourite Cousin also goes by "Katie". The last time Katie left Newfoundland was at least 6 years ago, so her and I were determined to really get our adventure on during her stay.

And, boy, did we get our adventure on. We put it on and we didn't take it off. We took it for a long ride. Bow-chicka-wow-wowwwww. Ahem. Anyway.

This is Katie. She was very excited to be where there was no snow and she could wear shorts. Actually, that day it was way too cold for shorts. But there wasn't snow on the ground, and that's what counted. What also counted is that within an hour of being outside, we regreted our ambitious outfit choices. But let's not forget that there wasn't snow on the ground. Am I right, St John's?

Katie had never ridden on the subway before, as there is no need for one in St John's. It was very exciting. She almsot fell over. From the movement, not the excitement.

Okay, it wasn't exciting at all. But the CN Tower was super exciting! Well, more exciting than the subway, at least. Katie tried to make out with the window: that's how excited she was. True story.

And whilst we were atop the glorious CN Tower, the most magical of magical things occured. And it involved a rainbow. And Katie and I riding a rainbow. You think I am joking, but I am not. I am deadly serious. But, because I know you are sitting there doubting me (ugh, you're the worst, you know that?), here's photographic proof:

BAM. See. Rainbow. Riding. Racing. Aweome. Shazam.

For just a mere $23 (tax not included) you too can ride a rainbow. Except you'll never be as cool as Katie and I. Sorry--I don't make the rules. Jeff Bridges does, so you'll have take it up with him. Bio-digital jazz, man.

After the epicness of the CN Tower, Katie and I became Professional Couch Testers (PCTs) for the afternoon. Yes, that's right: for just a small fee, Katie and I can go and sit on couches to test comfort levels. Who would require the services of a PCT? Somebody who orders a couch on the Internet without having seen it in person ever.

Unfortunately, I happen to know such a strange bear. Fortunately for him, he happens to be dating a PCT. And double fortunately for him, the couch he ordered on the Internet turned out to be super comfortable.

After our stint as PCTs, Katie and I made plans to hit up the Toronto Zoo. In case you were wondering, when one does not have a vehicle to traverse to the zoo, one has to take the subway to the End of the Line, then take another bus to the End of the Line. And it will take about two hours.


What? Real animals? Apparently there aren't real animals at the zoo anymore. Nope. Just animal statue with which to pose.

I kid, I kid. There were real animals! HAHA. Gotcha. We just weren't allowed to sit on them is all. Therefore they weren't nearly as exciting to photograph.

After our day of sitting on things, Katie's week visit was almost up. We spent her last day shopping and seeing a movie, and before you could say "PINK DISHWASHER MONKEY FACE", I was taking her back to the airport.

And now she's back in Newfoundland and it is sad news bears. And also penguins. Maybe ocelots too.

Oh, and geckos.

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